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First Experience With A Puppy? Don’t Miss These Dog Training Tips!

Dogs are loyal companions, and you should definitely consider giving one a home. However, owning a puppy also means years of commitment, and it is absolutely necessary that you are mentally, emotionally, and financially prepared for a roller-coaster ride. One of the important, and yet among the ignored, aspects is puppy training. Hoping that your dog will learn everything in time and without any help is foolish, and it’s time to adjust your expectations.  Websites like PetVetsOnline have considerable information on dog training and related aspects, but here are some of the basic aspects that you need to know.

Select the name wisely

If every member of the family chooses one name for the dog, the poor thing doesn’t know which one to respond to. Make sure that you have just one name for the puppy, and that will help in further training. Dogs and puppies can take considerable time before they get adjusted to their respective names, so don’t rush it or reprimand your dog for that.

Set rules early

Every dog trainer in the world would agree that early training is extremely important, regardless of the breed. In fact, training an older dog is a lot more complicated. You want to be sure that the puppy understands your commands, but set a few ground rules nevertheless. A good idea is to set a den for the new member of the family, so that the dog is well-aware of its territory.

Take help, if needed

Not everyone knows how to train a dog, and that’s completely fine. There are dog trainers who can help with your puppy, so don’t shy away from seeking assistance as required. Always start as early as possible. Your two-month old puppy is not too young to learn, so don’t relay the training process, especially if you are not hands-on with your approach at home.

Reward good behavior

This is one of the oldest tricks of the book but always works. Your dog needs to understand what it has done right and if doing a certain thing will get a treat. Rewarding your dog for good behavior is important, but don’t reward him for the wrong things. You don’t want to give him a quick bite just because he is bored.

Appreciate the breed

Some breeds are easier to train – Labradors or Goldens for instance, while others may need considerable work. There are many resources online as how you can identify the common traits of a breed, and it is necessary to appreciate those unique things about your dog.

Be patient and share the love

Your dog is just that – a dog. As such, he may not behave the way you want him to or may not listen to commands on certain days – don’t give up. It takes a while to bond with a puppy, but once you understand his behavior and overall patterns, it would be easy. Take your time to find about his needs, and make sure that no one is harsh with the puppy in the first year at the least.

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