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Cedar For Decks And Patios: Facts That Homeowners Should Know!

If your property has the space, you can consider having a deck or patio. Decks are great for enjoying the weather and add aesthetic and real estate value to your property. There are varied kinds of materials that can be considered for decking, but experts often recommend rough cedar lumber. In this post, let’s take a look at how cedar fares for decking needs.

Why consider cedar for decking?

Cedar has been a popular and preferred choice for decks, patios and porches, primarily because it is an aromatic wood. It has a unique, special color that adds beauty to the exteriors. In case of decks and patios, one of the biggest concerns is maintenance. You need to be sure that the material would warp due to moisture and rains, and cedar fits the bill in that context. The wood is also resistant to insects, so you don’t have to spend time and again for touch-ups or further chemical treatments. In fact, the beauty of cedar only expands with time, and it is resistant to temperature and extreme heat. No matter which part of the world you live in, cedar might work well for your deck.

Things to note

Cedar can be expensive, especially if you compare costs with other types of wood. Critics are, however, quick to point out that cedar is not more expensive than composite decking, but we leave the budget to your consideration. Compared to synthetic decking materials, cedar is definitely more environment friendly. It’s important to point out that the natural charm of the material may wither with time, so while maintenance is not that extensive, you may have to opt for finishing once in a while to maintain the look of your deck.

Final thoughts on cedar

As with any wood, the quality of the material does make a difference. We recommend that you order cedar for decking from a reliable and known supplier. Also, you have to talk to a design expert to know if this might work for your local weather and other aspects that may impact building practices. If used rightly for a project, cedar decks can look stunning and impressive, even with little care on a regular basis.

In case you are considering other materials and options, we highly recommend that you ask for an estimate in advance and compare each with rough cedar based on the pros and cons. Check online for suppliers now!

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