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A Homeowner’s Quick Guide For Repairing Uneven Sidewalks!

The exterior of your home matters as much as the interiors. Besides landscaping, you need to pay attention to all the major components, including sidewalks. Uneven sidewalks are not only unsightly but can also cause accidents, leading to serious injuries. If someone trips & falls on the uneven sidewalk, you may have to pay compensation, in case the other party decides to file a case. Not to forget, uneven sidewalks reduce the curb appeal of the exteriors and affect the value of your home. In this post, we are discussing aspects that homeowners should know about sidewalk trip hazard repair.

What’s the best way to repair uneven sidewalks?

While traditional methods do exist, sidewalks can be repaired better using polyurethane concrete lifting method. The process of polyurethane concrete lifting involves injecting a polyurethane material underneath the concrete surface using small holes. The material expands underneath, causing the sidewalk to rise. Mudjacking was previously preferred for repairing concrete slabs and sidewalks, but with polyurethane concrete lifting, the process is easier and requires a lot less downtime.

Why consider polyurethane concrete lifting?

Firstly, polyurethane concrete lifting doesn’t cause any pressure on the ground underneath. If you give in an area where the soil is unstable, this is the best possible way to repair and lift concrete slabs like sideways. The option can be considered for commercial needs, as well. With polyurethane concrete lifting, it is possible to prevent further damage, and if soil erosion and water leaks can be minimized, the repairs can last for years.

Finding a service for sidewalk repair

Keep in mind that sidewalks must be repaired as soon as possible, or the damage can be extensive. First things first, find a company that understands sidewalk repairs and specializes in polyurethane concrete lifting. You can call their experts for an inspection, and based on the work to be done, they can offer an estimate. Please note that polyurethane concrete lifting requires a lot less time, but if you intend to use the sidewalks soon after, ask for a deadline. It is also very necessary to understand the extent of the damage. A company that deals in concrete repair should be licensed, insured, and experienced, and they must have an in-house team of works specializing in polyurethane concrete lifting.

If you can follow these simple tips, finding a company for uneven sidewalk repairs should be a hard task, regardless of the extent of damage.

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