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7 Things to Never Wash in the Washing Machine Ever!

Washing your clothes in a washing machine is no big deal, but there are many warnings to consider when doing the same. Yes, using Laveuse is simpler than washing them by hand, but there are limitations to everything like not adding certain garments to the machine, or washing them on the basis of color etc. This article is all about the things you must never put in a washing machine to save yourself from some trouble.

  1. Knit hats

Knit hats are prone to get soiled from being on our sweaty heads all day, but the delicate fabric can be ruined in the spin cycle. When it comes to washing your hat, do it with a mild detergent to make sure it is soft and still in shape.

  1. Memory foam pillows

As long as it is stated on the label, memory foam pillows are not machine washable at all. When these pillows are washed, they can turn into soggy messes with no structure and some don’t even make it out well out of spin cycle too.

  1. Coins

Many people don’t put the coins in the wash intentionally, but it can cause some costly damage to your washing machine. So, before putting your denims through a wash cycle, check the pockets for any coins that you might have put in by accident.

  1. Anything embellished

These items don’t belong in the washing machine either as they are too delicate enough to go through a wash cycle unaffected. To keep these clothes intact, hand wash them or take them to a dry cleaner.

  1. Flammable stains

Certainly, the job of a washing machine is to get rid of stains but some are just not compatible with the machine itself. Stains of gasoline, cooking oil, and alcohol are highly flammable and putting the clothes stained with them can ignite your house. If your clothes are stained with any of these, get rid of these stains by a natural stain remover spray and hand wash it.

  1. Running sneakers

Washing regular sneakers in a washing machine is fine, but running shoes are not. If you throw the latter in the machine, they may come out smaller than before so wash only those sneakers if they are compatible washing with washing machine.

  1. Purses

Many people tend to throw a dirty leather in the laundry, but these expensive items must never even touch the washing machine. This will harm the structure and material of the bag, mess with the zipper and the decorations on the outside.

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